as we practice it.

on any project:

1) we provide a one point of contact for our client
only one point of contact

2) we 'fast track' all of our jobs
to keep expenditure to a minimum

3) we value engineer all stages of your project
to keep expenditure to a minimum

4) we are an English based international practice that has a program for developing a clients brief
because the cost of a project is set during the brief writing
we believe our clients can better control their expenditure by having the brief professionally written

5) we provide our clients with a programme and a cost model at the brief stage and throughout the project we continually update it.
so a client can accurately and continually monitor the progress of his project

6) designers under our control only design what you want
only at this stage, by controlling the designers, can the brief reach fulfilment within the cost parameters set in the brief

7) our aim is for your staff to leave your offices/shop/hotel/restaurant healthier than when they arrive, both physically and mentally, to achieve this we with our client set criteria for acoustics, lighting, fresh air and temperature
we believe that codes of practice for services often allow levels that leave staff unnecessarily tired out at the end of the days work

You pay a lot of money for your staff, to your staff and to run your offices/shop/hotel/restaurant for your staff and customers........don't you think it is best that they should be be supplied with an environment which is best?

Why us?

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