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In order to help people to understand architecture we are producing a series of models of works of architects.

Real architects do more than just arrange rooms round a hall way.

First is a small 1:50 scale model in timber of Le Corbusiers holiday home on the point overlooking Monaco.

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Around 1950  Le Corbusier began spending the month of August in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin in the southeast of France. He dined frequently at a restaurant called l'Etoile de Mer and became friends with its owner, Thomas Rebutato. Rebutato found him two commissions of architecture in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin: Rob (six holiday studios for artists) and Roq (a large-scale housing development meant to be a holiday village for tourists), neither of which were built.

Le Corbusier designed a cabin to use as a temporary shelter during the completion of Rob, but since the project was never built, he decided to make the cabin his vacation home. It shares a party wall with Rebutato's restaurant on a narrow terrace on a steep slope running down to the Mediterranean Sea. The exterior walls of the cabin are finished with half-round logs, and the roof is covered with corrugated metal sheets. The cabin was prefabricated on the island of Corsica and was assembled on site in 1951. Le Corbusier himself applied the final finishes to the cabin over his visits over the next three years he also completed several on-site improvements. The plan is dimensioned according to the Modulor, a measuring tool that Le Corbusier invented based on mathematics and the proportions of the human body. Different functional zones within the one-room interior space are defined by built-in furniture and the locations of openings. One of the windows frames the Bay of Monaco.

As an aside: Le Corbusier drowned while swimming in the Bay of Monaco.1965.

A replication of this small building was constructed  in a museum in Paris.

Our model represents one version of the holiday home which changed many times and was constructed new in Paris & New York in Bon Marche and MoMa respectively.

We leave it to you to make up your own mind about the interior.





and view from main window

Possible construction of prefabricated panels


2 replicas
Le Corbusier developed a natural system of measurements which he applied to this small building
I drew it up, scaled it, printed off all the elevations. Spray mounted onto foam- core board and pinned it together.

It was then laser cut.

2 samples were made and from them we put together a kit of the building.

You can build furniture if that is how you want it.

I have supplied here some of the architects thoughts but we suggest you investigate - it relates to Eileen Grays house 1027.

note: more will be added to this page

date: 10 Sept 2018

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