Apollo Amsterdam bar, restaurant, roof, suites

Villamil Mallorca additional floor of rooms

Cala Vinas Mallorca restaurant, sewage plant, sea wall

Reina Christina Spain total upgrade

Phoenicia Malta ballroom to night club

Imperial Malta new rooms addition

Sandy Lane Barbados executive suites extension, new roof, gymnasium

Nassau Beach Bahamas roof, suites

Pegasus Guyana pool-bar/restaurant

Post House Liege conference centre

Forte Village Sardinia extension to hotel additional staff accommodation

Beach Plaza Monaco suites, restaurant

Le Grand Paris rehabilitation following a fire

Russel Hotel London reception

Kensington Close Hotel London reception

Amstel Amsterdam restaurant extension

D'Angleterre Denmark total upgrade

Royal Trafalgar London total upgrade

Norfolk House Hotel London
total redesign and extension

Blue Star Hotel London extension

Evaluations of hotels for purchase
paper studies: 5-star hotel for Malta
an ideal Post House
hotel standards inc. room size,
furniture design, handicap requirements and gyms

We have specialist consultants with many years of international experience in the hotel, restaurant and leisure business. They are qualified in their fields and able to assist in the evaluation and facilities management of worldwide hotels. We have a team of consultant architects who have the added title of Hotel inspector. They visit hotels worldwide to ensure that they are looked after. Some of these hotels may be closed during the winter season. This is an ideal opportunity for our consultants to inspect the property and put a plan of action together to ensure that work is carried out quickly and effectively looking fresh and ready for the opening date.

Our second team of consultants work with owners of hotels which have closed for various reasons to ensure that the best possible sale price can be obtained for the hotel. This area of business is especially important as a closed property is often one that soon looks shabby and unkept especially If a property fails to be maintained. This is where we can help. We have excellent working relationships with banks worldwide who have these properties in their portfolio.

Full evaluation report and if requested will implement changes as necessary. Depending on the project our inspectors or consultants are happy to arrive anonymously or will announce their presence if the client so requires. The emphasis is a team approach. We work with you to bring your establishment up to expectations and help to maintain the required standards long term. Our architects will survey your establishment and make recommendations on necessary work which maybe as little as simple decoration or interior design. A report and estimate will be given and a team of people recruited to ensure the least disruption to the business.

The consultants will assess the housekeeping standards in all areas including public areas and service and provide written reports and recommendations.


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